Fish Tales Seafood House is an outdoor restaurant and bar that sits in a marina, on the water with boats all around you, and an atmosphere that is, well...as close to Key West as you can get without actually going there!

The owners, Dan and Peggy Wesner decided one day that they needed the perfect spot for their new restaurant. So, back in 1999, they went shopping for just that and ran across this little piece of heaven just south of downtown St. Petersburg. It was just the main building back then, but Dan and Peggy saw something special here. They envisioned a restaurant that would later become one of St. Pete's best places to dine and enjoy cocktails by the water, and have that "island" feel. Hence, Fish Tales Seafood House was born!

Dan and Peggy took that little building and started a bar and restaurant inside. Wouldn't you know, it caught on and things started to happen. It started to get a little crowded up there so an outdoor dining room was added on with a bar down the side wall under the windows. Word got around that there was this happenin' place down by the water and people started to come to this unique little eatery that served seafood, burgers, appetizers, etc. Well, that started to get a bit crowded as well, so Dan and Peggy decided that more expansion was needed...and the tiki hut was conceived. It would have a thatched roof, another full liquor bar, tables up over the water, all in a building designed like the open air tiki bars that you might see in the Florida Keys. Yes, that was it...and the tiki hut was born!

After that, another dining area was covered with the same thatched roof, the old bar was tore down and a bigger one built on the other side by the water, booths were added where the old bar was, a dining counter with bar stools was added down the middle of the dining room and a dining patio on the marina side with tables under umbrellas was also added. In short, that little building that Dan and Peggy found back in '99 turned into one of St. Pete's favorite food and full liquor bar establishments that also includes a large selection of local craft beers on draft! And did I mention that we also do catering? We do! Call us or stop in for more information.

The old bar's still upstairs in that original building, but it's all kitchen up there now. To think that it all started up there, and to look at it now? Wow...it really has turned into one of St. Pete's premier places to go for great food, cocktails and lots of fun. You can get to us by car, bus, bicycle or walking, but you can also dock your boat at our newly rebuilt dock. And while you're here, don't forget to "Like" us and "Check In" on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/fishtalesseafood/ and check our Facebook page frequently for upcoming specials and promotions, and share our page to all your friends.

Dan and Peggy have a strong commitment to their family, the community and their customers, and that commitment shows when you come into Fish Tales. The service, the quality, friendly staff and great atmosphere are the keys to our growth. It’s what they insist on, all starting back in 1999 and continuing into the future. Come see us and see what we mean. And as we always say...

"We're here...why aren't you?"

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